Coinbase launches Japanese market trading

The Japanese legal person of Bitcoin and virtual currency trading intermediary and American giant Coinbase Global said on the 19th that it has participated in the Japanese domestic market and started trading.

Nao Kitazawa, the president of the Japanese corporation who held the online press conference, said: “I hope that more people will realize that crypto assets can be traded safely and securely.”

According to Coinbase, in addition to Bitcoin, it also deals with representative virtual currencies such as Ethereum. The company not only engages in transaction intermediaries, but also provides virtual currency and cash-out services based on customer orders. As long as you have an account with Mitsubishi UFJ Bank, you can transfer money in and out through online banking. It is said that the company began preparations in 2018 and completed the registration in June this year.

In Japan, companies such as bit Flyer are currently engaged in transactions, and competition is expected to become more intense. In the context of global monetary easing, since the second half of last year, investment hot money has accelerated into the virtual currency field.