Who is America's real rival,China or Russia?

Who is America’s real rival,China or Russia?

Will European and American policy toward Russia change?

Ukraine seeks global aid, rebuilding costs as high as $600 billion.

Ukraine’s prime minister asked countries to donate 10 percent of the International Monetary Fund’s Special Drawing Rights.

The International Monetary Fund and World Bank are urging countries to help Ukraine with donations.

Zelensky said: At present, Ukraine needs 7 billion US dollars in aid per month.

The Ukrainian state’s GDP before the war was $156 billion.

Foreign Affairs “What Does the West Want in Ukraine?”

1, the Russian military victory. But the United States cannot let Ukraine lose, so the United States will support Ukraine to continue the war.

2, Ukraine promised not to join NATO, and Russia continued to occupy Crimea and eastern Ukraine.

3, Ukraine victory, but it is difficult to happen.

Who is America’s real rival?

The China-Russia military exercise was widely reported by the US media.

Vietnam-Russia military exercises, US media silence.

Source: International Business News