Part of Sony’s Shanghai factory resumes work

Sony Group’s TV and other electronics factories in Shanghai have partially resumed production from May 8. Due to the expansion of the new crown epidemic, Shanghai began to implement lockdown measures from March 28, and Sony’s factories also stopped work from the same day. It has been about a month and a half since the resumption of work.

The Sony factory is located in the Pudong area and produces TVs, cameras and projectors for China and Asia. Sony has not announced the current operating rate of the factory and the varieties of resumption of production. Sony said it also needs to be adjusted with local departments, and it will take time to reach full capacity.

The number of new coronavirus infections in Shanghai peaked at more than 20,000 a day in mid-April. It is now tending to decrease, but there are still some areas with restrictions on going out.

Sony has continued to try to resume work and production in accordance with the instructions of local authorities. This time, the scale of resumption of work and the number of employees on attendance were limited, and the resumption of work was achieved within the permitted range.

Shanghai, China’s largest economic city, has many Japanese companies stationed in it, and the impact of the closure and control is great. According to the survey results released by the Shanghai Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry on May 5, 63% of Japanese-funded enterprises with factories in Shanghai have stopped production.

If the downtime is extended further, the impact on the supply chain and performance will also be significant. How to find a way for production to return to normal is important to many Japanese companies.