SHEIN joins the “anti-Victoria’s Secret” trend

A month ago, SHEIN launched the “Luvlette” brand and jumped into the overseas underwear track in one fell swoop. Such a move is not surprising. The global underwear market is growing at a compound annual growth rate of 4.5%. It is estimated that by 2025, the global sales of the underwear market will reach 325.36 billion US dollars.

Observing the rapid growth of the global underwear market, there is one reason that cannot be ignored: people’s consumption concept of underwear is quietly changing. This also promotes the characteristics of the new underwear brand and the evolution and transformation of the old products. You may have heard a sentence: “Now, Victoria’s Secret is also anti-Victoria’s Secret.”

In front of established brands like Victoria’s Secret, Luvlette stood in the “comfort first” and made a joint model with Ubras. In fact, the Luvlette independent station brand has caught up with two important changes in the European and American underwear market: first, consumers’ purchasing channels have shifted from offline to online; second, the trend of anti-Victoria’s Secret. in the underwear circle is prevalent, and more female consumers embrace Comfortable underwear, the pursuit of a variety of choices.

On the homepage of Luvlette’s independent website are the pictures of two plus-size models. Luvlette focuses on diversified and inclusive underwear including plus-size.

According to information, in 2021, the proportion of women’s consumption will reach 54%, and the proportion of consumption will increase significantly. The economy of “pleasing yourself” is booming, and “loving yourself” has become an important value ranking for more women. In addition to choosing a comfortable and comfortable wearing experience, identifying with the brand values ​​and the self-individuality it promotes has become one of the driving forces for consumers to choose brand products.

In this case, of course, underwear marketing must move against the wind! List the advertising slogan of several underwear brands:

Victoria’s Secret said, be yourself.

Comfort, freedom, joy, says Luvlette

Ubras says no size selection is simpler.

Internally and externally, every body type has a bright spot.

In these slogans, you can see the figure of “she marketing”, and encouraging women to be themselves and love themselves is the mainstream voice of “she marketing”. Below, Xiaotu takes Luvlette’s online brand marketing as an example to analyze the overseas promotion actions that underwear, apparel, and even shoe and hat accessories sellers can do.