Shopify announces e-commerce advertising tool Shopify Audiences

On May 11, Shopify officially announced its advertising tool, Shopify Audiences. Regarding the specific functions of Shopify Audiences, the official announcement stated that “when merchants put products on the shelves, they can synchronize advertisements to Facebook and Instagram, and will be promoted to platforms such as TikTok, Snap, and Pinterest in the future.”

It is reported that the foreign media Business Insider has reported on Shopify’s advertising tool project. Shopify Audiences aggregates buyer data from Shopify’s 1.7 million merchants to help merchants more accurately target potential buyers on Facebook and Google, the report said.

It is understood that for many years, Shopify has relied on Facebook ads to generate traffic for merchants, but last April Apple adjusted its user privacy policy. As a large number of Apple users choose to block the tracking of apps and websites, Meta’s digital advertising business has been hit hard, and Shopify has also been affected.