SHEIN’s Success Path Formula

There is nothing special about the fried SHEIN, the magic weapon of its success. In the final analysis, in addition to not having offline physical stores, the essence and soul of Shein’s business model is the Chinese version of ZARA, such as the one-copy, two-copy, three-innovation under the buyer’s hand-made, fashion-based but quality supplemented, multiple SKUs but A small amount of test sales, rapid new launches, and cross-border business are tricks. Of course, there is no doubt that SHEIN also has the same drawbacks as ZARA, such as being accused of plagiarizing and infringing intellectual property rights, being accused by environmental protection and sustainable development, and so on.

However, SHEIN has more ruthless tricks than ZARA, such as the price is so cheap that a piece of clothing is only a few dollars, and a large number of KOLs and other Internet celebrities have cooperated and promoted. Its low price is just at the right time in the current epidemic era, and its Internet celebrity operation routine is also in line with the era. Therefore, it is no exaggeration to say that this era has achieved the unique success of SHEIN.

To put it simply and holistically, the success path of SHEIN can be expressed by a formula:

SHEIN = ZARA in fast fashion + Amazon in clothing industry + Michelle Ice City in price + Walmart in fashion category + perfect diary in marketing industry + three squirrels in OEM + globalization + cross-border e-commerce

In fact, if SHEIN can be like UNIQLO, ZARA and H&M, expanding both online market and offline physical franchise and chain operation, I believe SHEIN will be able to go faster, more stable and longer lasting.