China-Laos Railway brings opportunities to border cities

International Business News  –  The China-Laos railway not only greatly facilitates the travel of Laos, but also promotes the development of tourism in China and Laos. Recently, the launching ceremony of the China-Laos railway special train for tourism was held in Kunming, and the activity of “Traveling Yunnan by Train” was officially launched.

Laos is the only country in Southeast Asia that has no access to the sea, but the opening of the China-Laos railway at the end of 2021 has largely changed this situation. Today, the border areas between China and Laos have ushered in the economic prosperity that accompanied the railway. From Vientiane, the high-speed train can reach the Laos-China border in just 3 hours, and then connect to the Chinese railway network. In the border city of Boten in Laos, people can feel the promise of opening up and the economic take-off brought by the railway.

The Boten Special Economic Zone has sprung up like mushrooms after a rain. The population of XinBoten is expected to reach 300,000 by 2035. From the beginning of this century to the present, the sleepy frontier town has transformed into a thriving economic port, and the changes in Boten are astonishing. Mr. Zhou, who is doing business here can be called a “pioneer” in the development of Boten. Choosing Boten is not only a mature consideration, but also a bet for the future. In 2005, he opened a flavor factory in Zimbabwe, but after careful consideration in 2015, he moved the factory from Africa to Boten, because it is an important stop on the “Belt and Road”, not only can enjoy many preferential policies for investment promotion , and also facilitate the export of products to China.

Along with the high-speed railway and the newly opened expressway, Boten has become an important link in the communication link between China and Laos. When the frontier becomes a tight “consortium”, it often becomes a land of opportunity.