Chinese enterprise undertakes construction of Egyptian light rail opens to traffic

International Business News  –  The Ramadan 10th city light rail railway in Egypt, built by a Chinese company, was put into trial operation on July 3. This is the first electrified railway in Egypt.

Egyptian President Sisi, Prime Minister Madbouli and other Egyptian officials, as well as Chinese Ambassador to Egypt Liao Liqiang attended the commissioning event on the day, and took the light rail from the starting station Adli Mansour Station to Badr Station.

Egyptian Minister of Transport Wazir said at the event that the first phase of the project, which is currently in trial operation, will be run by 22 trains and is expected to transport 360,000 passengers per day.

Liao Liqiang said that the Ramadan 10th city light rail project is financed by the Chinese side, adopts Chinese technology and equipment, and is jointly implemented by Chinese and Egyptian enterprises. Since the start of the project, in the face of the challenges brought by the new crown epidemic, the project implements “two-handed, two-handed” for epidemic prevention and control and production construction. At the same time, Chinese companies also focus on training young Egyptian technicians and provide talent support for project construction and maintenance teams.

The train driver Mohammad Nushir, who was on the trial run that day, went to China’s Nanjing Railway Vocational and Technical College for training in 2018. He told Xinhua News Agency: “Many friends around me always ask me when I can take the light rail to work. They are looking forward to the opening of this railway.” He said that it is very comfortable and stable to sit in the carriage, and the speed is faster than the subway.

The Egyptian 10th Ramadan City Light Rail Railway is located in the east of Cairo, the capital of Egypt. It is an important link connecting the urban area of Cairo with the new administrative capital, the 10th Ramadan City and the satellite cities along the eastern route. It is also one of the flagship projects of China-Egypt “One Belt, One Road” cooperation. According to the general contractor of the project, China Railway-AVIC International Consortium, the total length of the first and second phases of the project is about 70 kilometers, with a total of 12 stations, 1 depot and 2 traction substations. The train adopts 6 fixed marshalling, and the maximum running speed is 120 kilometers per hour. The train connects with the Cairo Metro Line 3 at the starting point of Adli Mansour Station, passing through Abur City, Shuluq City, Badr City, etc. Along the way, and finally arrives at the New Administrative Capital Art and Culture Station.