Germany to stop importing coal and oil from Russia

International Business News  –  On the 13th local time, German State Secretary Jörg Kuchis said that Germany will soon stop importing coal and oil from Russia.

Germany will stop importing Russian coal from August 1 and Russian oil from December 31, which will also fundamentally change Germany’s energy supply, Kuchis said. Previously, Russia’s coal and oil accounted for more than 40 percent of Germany’s imports. But Kuchis also conceded that it is more difficult to wean itself off Russian gas than coal and oil. There is a huge gap between the EU’s annual imports of about 158 billion cubic meters of natural gas from Russia, and the 30 billion cubic meters of LNG that the United States and Qatar can supply to Europe, he said.

Germany is currently building four LNG receiving terminals in an attempt to fill the gap in gas supply. The German government hopes that two of the receiving terminals will be operational as early as next year.