World’s largest container ship “Ever Alot” joins Panama fleet

International Business News  –  The Panama Maritime Authority (AMP) announced on the 8th that the world’s largest container ship “Ever Alot” with more than 24,000 TEU has joined the Panama fleet. Of the 20 largest TEU container ships in the world, 18 are registered in Panama.

“Ever Alot” was completed at the end of June. According to Vessel’s Value, the UK’s leading ship valuation agency, the vessel is a container ship owned by Taiwanese shipping company Evergreen Marine Corporation (EMC) and built in China by Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.

With a total length of 400 meters, a total width of 61.5 meters, and a draft of 17 meters, it is the “decent size” (AMP) equivalent to 3.5 football fields.

It will be launched on routes connecting Europe and Asia.

In addition to the ship, Evergreen’s “Ever Act”, “Ever Aim” and “Ever Alp” and other large container ships are also registered in Panama, according to AMP.

In terms of shipping services in Panama, 53 consular offices are responsible for ship registration, mortgage setup, seafarer certificate issuance, 4 auxiliary registries specializing in the preparation of seafarers’ documents, and 14 technical offices are strategically located around the world. It supports more than 350,000 seafarers on 8,500 registered vessels.