Wuxi opens regular cargo route to Osaka, Japan

International Business News  –  On June 19, Wuxi regular cargo route to and from Osaka was officially opened. At 12:20 on the same day, a plane full of electronic components, medical devices and other goods took off from Sunan Shuofang International Airport in Wuxi to Osaka, Japan.

As the third international regular cargo route opened at Sunan Shuofang International Airport, Wuxi regular cargo route to and from Osaka is flown by Yuantong Airlines, with the planned time of 12:20 a.m. departure from Sunan Shuofang International Airport and 15:50 a.m. arrival at Osaka Kansai International Airport.

Zhou Xiaohong, general manager of Wuxi Airport Logistics Co., Ltd., introduced that Boeing 757 aircraft will be used for the regular cargo route between Wuxi and Osaka. It is planned to fly three times a week in the early stage, and will be encrypted to once a day in the future, and each flight can carry about 25 tons of cargo. “In order to ensure the smooth opening of the route, the airport has also implemented the ‘N+14’ special class work mode to build a strong ‘external defense input’ defense line.”

“The opening of the regular freight route between Wuxi and Osaka has opened up the ‘air artery’ from Wuxi to East Asia, providing a strong aviation power for surrounding enterprises to resume work and reach production.” said Zhu Yongjian, president of Wuxi Sunan International Airport Group Co., Ltd., the next step , the airport will continue to improve the route layout, focus on building a cargo aviation hub in the Yangtze River Delta region, and contribute to the economic development of southern Jiangsu.

It is reported that Sunan Shuofang International Airport is deeply engaged in the international freight market. After the opening of the Japan line, the airport will also strive to restore the European line and open the Korean line.