French trade deficit hits record high in June

International Business News  –  According to comprehensive French media reports, data from the French General Administration of Customs shows that in June this year, France’s exports were 48.8 billion euros, imports were 62.1 billion euros, and the trade deficit reached 13.3 billion euros, a year-on-year increase of 130%, and continued to break a record high. In the first half of this year, France’s trade deficit totaled about 71 billion euros, an increase of nearly 120% over the same period last year. If the current rhythm is followed, the annual trade deficit will exceed the 100 billion euro mark.

Industry sources said that the structural problems of the French economy are prominent. In addition to the record high overall trade deficit, the trade balance of industrial products continues to deteriorate. In the long run, industrial trade will remain in deficit for a long time.