AliExpress operates normally in Russia

The public relations department of AliExpress told Sputnik that the company continues to operate as usual. All payments in rubles for AliExpress Russian users proceed normally.

“AliExpress Russia is a Russian company operating in Russia and the CIS countries (excluding Ukraine),” the company said. “All payments in rubles for AliExpress Russia users are proceeding as usual. We expect this to continue in the future. will continue.”

AliExpress Russia’s government relations director Sergei Lebedev previously said during an expert debate at the Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum that AliExpress Russia’s supply of goods from China is not expected to be disrupted.

“In the past two years, we have fundamentally rebuilt our logistics infrastructure. In principle, we have been preparing for an increase in the number of orders,” Lebedev said.

AliExpress Russia’s total revenue in 2021 will increase by 46% to 306 billion rubles. The revenue of local businesses exceeds 110 billion rubles. The total number of orders reached 309 million, and the average consumption increased by more than 20%.