Amazon: Sellers must upload and verify that they pass the German packaging law

Recently, some sellers have received official notices from Amazon one after another. Before June 30, 2022, sellers must upload and verify the German packaging law, otherwise the platform will suspend the sale of all applicable products. If the seller already has a registration number, please upload it to the compliance portal as soon as possible and wait for Amazon to verify it.

EPR: The full name is Extended Producers Responsiblity—Extended Producers Responsibility (Environmental Protection Fee); as an environmental protection tax, it has been enforced in Germany and France.

If sellers do not register EPR, they will face:

1. It is prohibited to store or sell products in Germany;

2. Up to a fine of 200,000 euros;

3. Forcibly remove all products in the store;

Note: The German packaging law registration list is public and can be found on the official website of the German Environmental Protection Agency, so once your competitors find out that you have not registered the packaging law, you may face complaints from competitors.