Best Car Accessories on Amazon with over 500 5-star reviews

1. The most popular car trash can on Amazon

Covered car trash can

Comments: 21.5K

Star rating: 4.6 stars This $13 trash can has a built-in lid and side storage pockets to keep your car litter-free. Hang it behind your front passenger seat headrest for easy access – just don’t forget to dump it when it’s full!

2. The most popular car seat caulk on Amazon

Car Seat Gap Filler (Set of 2)

Amazon $25

Comments: 46.1K

Star rating: 4.6 stars Dropping items in the cracks of a car seat is a headache. To prevent things from ending up in the Carnia (aka Car Narnia, the dark space under the seat that you never seem to get to), try these neoprene pads to keep things from falling into the seat gap. According to the brand, its seat gap fillers are perfect for your seat belts, and the soft and stretchy material is suitable for all types of cars.

3. The most popular extended car charger on Amazon

X5 car charger

Amazon $23

Comments: 2.1K

STAR STARS: 4.5 Star RapidX’s X5 car charger comes with a 5-foot power cord so you can easily place the charger in the back seat. The model also has five USB ports for use with Android or iPhone, and is available in six different colors, making it easier to charge the car from areas other than the front seats.

4. The most popular car vacuums on Amazon

Car cleaners

Amazon $40

Comments: 23.2K

Star Rating: 4.1 It’s time to finally get rid of those snack crumbs the kids leave in the back seat. This popular car vacuum has an extension tube for accessing cracks and crevices, a brush cleaner for carpets and a flat head attachment for other hard-to-reach areas. It plugs directly into your v12 outlet, and its 16-foot power cord makes cleaning the rear area easier. When done, pack the tool into a convenient travel bag.

5. The most popular car seats on Amazon

Hook Car Seat Headrest Hook (Set of 4)

Amazon $8

Comments: 25.4K

Star Rating: 4.6 Stars Keep your car tidy with these organizer hooks. The set comes with four hooks so you can hang multiple items on the car. Just hang on the headrest to keep your bag from spilling out on tight turns.

6. The most popular car air on Amazon

Freshener Car Air Freshener (Set of 4)

Amazon $14

Comments: 7.9K

Star Rating: 4.6 stars If you love using Febreze air freshener at home, bring the familiar fresh smell to your car and help eliminate odor-causing bacteria with these gadgets that last up to 30 days. Just connect one to your car’s vent and say goodbye to the lingering smell of gym sneakers you forgot to remove from the back seat last week.

7. The most popular car phone holder on Amazon

car phone holder

Amazon $14

Comments: 28K

Star rating: 4.3 stars At under $15 and available in six colors, reviewers say this best-selling car phone mount makes it easy to insert and remove your smartphone. It stays attached to your dashboard via a silicone pad on the bottom, and users appreciate that it provides great support without leaving any sticky residue behind.

8. The most popular car seat organizer on Amazon

car seat storage box

Amazon $25

Review: 4.4K

Star Rating: 4.7 Stars Whether it’s your belongings, your dog’s toys or your kids’ toys, keep all your belongings organized and accessible. Particularly suitable for road trips, this organizer can sit in the front passenger or middle rear seat and be strapped to the seat belt through the rear. Available in five different colors to match your car’s interior, nine storage compartments provide plenty of space for cups, books, pens, snacks, and more.