What are the operating strategies of AliExpress stores?

Potential explosive product operation strategy–Listing optimization–combined with single product analysis

Keywords, title, main image, pricing, detail page, evaluation/Q&A

(1) AliExpress’s potential explosive product operation strategy–traffic introduction

(2) The introduction of AliExpress’s potential explosive product traffic–store independent marketing

Shop decoration home page exposed–Home poster recommendation

Product-related drainage on the site–explosive products drain potential explosive products

Cooperate with other popular products on the site to drive traffic and promote conversion–the relationship between potential explosive products and explosive products is at the top of the details page

Single product discount coupons–fan price with fan marketing, newcomer price–not included in the lowest price, improve the conversion rate and UV value of potential explosives

Full discount activities/full discounts–increase the conversion rate Potential hot items are matched with store hot items for full discounts, and ‘Bundle deals’ will be displayed

Store discount coupons–no threshold discount coupons for potentially explosive products (violent usage and common usage)

FEEDS–shop fan conversion, exclusive price for potential explosive fans + selling point display/buyer show display

Customer Marketing–Scenario Marketing–Store add-on purchases and collect coupons for customers to issue potential funds + recommendation for potential funds

Buyer session settings recommend potential hot products–set keywords hot selling/discont with coupons and this hot product

Window–Recommended window for setting up potential explosives

(3) AliExpress related collocation–Draining explosive products

According to the product characteristics of the store, select related products for combination sales, pay attention to highlight the points of interest, stimulate the conversion rate and increase the unit price of customers.

Which potential products will be better? How can the connection be better? Relatively speaking, potential and explosive products have already had traffic. We can put the popular products and potential product IDs into the correlation analysis through single product analysis, so that we can see the number of times that these products are jointly purchased and collected, and we can know which products Similar products customers like to buy together, so we can set up to stimulate some people who like to buy together.

(4) AliExpress set up discount coupons to improve the conversion rate of potential explosives

[Violent gameplay] According to the pricing of core countries, large-scale high-conversion coupons are set regularly every week (minimum 50)

(5) Fan operation of AliExpress’s potential explosive product Feed

The Feed channel has two positions, one is the homepage channel of the APP, the entrance is at an important position on the first screen of the APP, and the other is the Feed position in the store.