Red Bean Group Zhou Haijiang was elected vice president of China Glorious Association

On September 7, the third council meeting of the sixth session of the China Glorious Cause Promotion Association was held in Baise City, Guangxi, and the meeting reviewed and passed the work report and voted to pass related personnel matters. Zhou Haijiang, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hongdou Group, was elected as vice president of China Guanghui Association as a private entrepreneur.

“Common prosperity, industry serving the country, and win-win in all directions” has been the constant adherence of Hongdou Group for 66 years. Hongdou Group’s three generations of leaders Zhou Linsen, Zhou Yaoting, Zhou Haijiang are all Communist Party members, poverty alleviation, prosperity is their common national feelings, enthusiasm for social welfare, practice of social responsibility is their unchanged original heart. From the unchanged feelings of the family and the country in 66 years, to the active participation in the cause of brilliance for many years, Zhou Haijiang has been practicing the “spirit of brilliance” with actions.

Looking at Zhou Haijiang’s resume, as a private entrepreneur, he has served as vice chairman of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, Vice chairman of the China Civil Chamber of Commerce, chairman of the China Chamber of International Cooperation for Private Economy and other social posts, which fully reflects the support and concern of the Party and the government for the development of private enterprises. As a representative of the 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th National Congresses of the Communist Party of China, Zhou Haijiang firmly believes in listening to the Party, following the Party, upholding integrity and taking the right path. He actively explores the modern enterprise system with Chinese characteristics, embedding social responsibility into it, making social responsibility become corporate culture and system consciousness, and turning a township enterprise into a large multinational private enterprise group. In the “Top 200 Comprehensive Strength of China’s Manufacturing Industry” released by the China Manufacturing Enterprise Association in 2023, Red Bean Group ranked 80th, and the Sihanoukville Special Economic Zone in Cambodia led by Red Bean Group is a win-win model of cooperation in the construction of the “Belt and Road”.

Internally, Red Bean Group invested 25 million yuan to establish the “Red Bean Charity Fund” to help employees with difficulties, and since the establishment of the fund, it has provided 10.15 million yuan for more than 900 poor workers. Zhou Haijiang himself for more than 10 consecutive years to help difficult employees, to help their families out of the dilemma. Outside, Zhou Haijiang and his son privately invested 40 million yuan to set up the “Wuxi Yaoting Charity Foundation” and “Wuxi Hongdou Caring for Old Party Members Fund”, with the purpose of “gathering love, helping the disadvantaged groups in society, and promoting the construction of a harmonious society”, through a professional and efficient independent operation mode, accurately help the party members and the masses in difficulty.

At the same time, Hongdou Group signed coordination and co-construction agreements with 11 Hongdou villages located in the western mountainous areas, which are economically backward, to promote the comprehensive development of Hongdou villages in party building, economy and culture; With the economically weak village of Xuzhou Fengxian town Sanguanmiao village to carry out the “urban-rural pairing, civilization construction” activities, to promote the high level of all-round well-off construction; In August 2017, in the “China Glorious Cause Liangshan Tour” activity, Red Bean Group donated 2 million yuan to Liangshan area, contributing to the poverty alleviation of the people in the old area of Sichuan.