Amazon Prime Day phishing scams on the rise

International Business News  –  On July 11, Israeli security firm “Checkpoint Software Technology” alerted people to phishing scams as US Amazon was hijacked on “Prime Day” for its annual membership sale that began on the 12th (Japan time). Amazon phishing is already on the rise, with the average daily volume up 37% as of the first week of July compared to June.

Fake Login Pages Some emails targeted users of Amazon’s service for Japan . We also confirmed that in June, the number of domains associated with the word “Amazon” increased by approximately 1,900. About 9.5% of them said they were actually an area with risks such as phishing.

The company said that around Prime Day, phishing activity has increased every year. In June 2021, phishing emails increased by 86% compared to May 21, and URLs to fake websites increased by 16%. For 22 years, the trend is probably similar, so if you get unnatural emails etc, don’t click on the link and the company will report it to the IT and security team and then ask for it to be removed.