eBay successfully sells products through German Packaging Law

In order to comply with the new obligations under the amendments to the German Packaging Law and to support its sellers in meeting these obligations, eBay has entered into a partnership with Lizenzero, the official agency for Germany’s dual (binary) system of recycling under the German environmental service provider Interseroh+, to support its platform sellers in meeting their obligations under the Packaging Law in a timely manner and to continue to operate legally on eBay.

Lizenzero was established in 2018 and is affiliated to Interseroh+, a subsidiary of ALBA Group (ALBA Renewable Resources Technology Services (Beijing) Co., Ltd., ALBA), dedicated to providing German packaging licensing services to global users.Lizenzero created a Chinese website in 2021, and has since developed Chinese customer service and Alipay payment methods for Chinese users.

On July 1, 2022, amendments to the “Packaging Law” will take effect in Germany. The amendment follows the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) and requires any business that puts packaging into the German market for circulation. Eco-friendly recycling of such packaging bears economic responsibility.The aim is to avoid waste and to recycle valuable raw materials, thereby protecting the climate and resources.

According to the “Packaging Law”, all merchants who wish to sell goods in Germany through e-commerce platforms must participate in the German binary (dual-track) recycling system before placing the goods on the market.At the same time, e-commerce platforms such as eBay have the obligation to review, and need to supervise and check whether their platform sellers comply with their obligations to register and participate in the dual system.Sellers need to register in the LUCID system of the German Central Register of Packaging Products, obtain the “EPR registration number”, and submit it to the e-commerce platform.The e-commerce platform will check the registration status of sellers, and sellers without registration will be banned from selling.

With this cooperation, Lizenzero will help eBay sellers to more easily fulfill their obligations under the Packaging Law and sell their products in the German market smoothly.