Australia say RCEP will next year 1 month implement

Japan media common agency 3 th news, Japan、 China、 South Korea、 ASEAN(ASEAN) etc. total 15 country join RCEP expect 2022 year 1 month 1 th implement。 Australia government release the news。RCEP is pass cut down […]

Russia will restrict nitrogen fertilizer exports for 6 months

Russia premier express, Russia will limit nitrogenous fertilizer and compound fertilizer export 6 months。 Russia premier say:“ natural gas price rise give global market bring some negative affect, this possible concern Russia。 according to president […]

RCEP will 2022 year 1 month 1 th implement

11 month 2 th,《 district overall economy partner relation agreement》(RCEP) safekeeping organization ASEAN secretariat release notice, announce Brunei、 Cambodia、 Laos、 Singapore、 Thailand、 Vietnam etc. 6 ASEAN member state and China、 Japan、 New Zealand、 Australia etc. […]

Japan 4 car dealer 10 month at America sales decline 28%

Japan 4 car dealer 2 th publish 10 month at American new car sales for 300,089 vehicle, compare last year Contemporaneous decline 27.9%。4 car dealer sales all decline, reason is provide chain chaos cause semiconductor […]

JapanGDP rank global third

Japan GDP at 2020 year maintain global third, and 30 year former 1990 year compare, convert for dollar only increase 1.6 times。 and America( increase 3.5 times) and second位 China( increase 37.5 times) compare, Japan […]

Russia announce pause from Turkey import lemon

Russia federal consumer rights protect and Public welfare Supervision Bureau official website release news say, as Chemistry insecticidal herbicide content too high, since 11 month 3 th begin pause from Turkey import lemon。 news say,“ […]

41% Russians think China auto can best seller global

RussiaRambler portal site and auto purchase on-line service platformSberAuto union ongoing poll result discover,41% Russians think, China auto much fast will best seller global。 Russia each land interviewee by ask auto industry 10 year after […]

China and Russia agriculture products trade volume continue increase

according to Russia satellite communicate agencysputniknews report, China agriculture countryside department vice- minister recently express,2021 year, China and Russia overcome COVID-19 epidemic etc. affect, agriculture products trade continue increase。 according to China agriculture department official […]