Artworks support fight against coronavirus

Jiangsu artists of intangible cultural heritages have created various artworks to support the fight against the outbreak of the novel coronavirus pneumonia (NCP).

Nanjing paper-cutting master Zhang Fanglin has stayed at home drawing and cutting. His works featured those on the front line of fighting the outbreak. The folk artist in his seventies is from a family that has specialized in the craft from over 100 years ago.

Paper-cutting work by Zhang Fanglin

Yangzhou Puppet Research Institute has also recently created a 10-minute play about the correct use of masks. It has gone viral since it was released on February 6.

Dai Ronghua, director of the institute, said that other creations about prevention of the coronavirus is underway.

“We hope that through the puppet shows, children can better understand epidemic prevention and control,” he said.

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