Nanjing offers online teaching for some 960,000 students


Nanjing’s kindergartens, primary and middle schools will start to give online courses on February 10 as a result of the decision of the Jiangsu provincial government that all educational institutions in the province will not reopen earlier than the end of February to curb spread of the novel coronavirus.

Teachers at most of the city’s primary and junior high schools, under the local teacher development centers, will offer courses, guide studies, answer questions and review homework all on the Internet. Various schools in Nanjing have already begun to prepare online teaching courses, either recorded previously or live broadcast. Students can ask questions with teachers through instant message software QQ or app WeChat after class.

The Nanjing Education Bureau has purchased mobile learning terminals for the small-scale schools in the countryside so that the students who lack them can borrow them from the school to ensure the learning progress at home.

Some districts in cooperation with TV stations are set to launch courses on TV from February 17. Parents can dial a hot line for professional guidance on psychological issues for their children. Students can also seek consultations themselves.