Jiangsu TCM team supports “cabin hospital” in Wuhan

Forty-four medics from Jiangsu have joined the third batch of the national medical team of traditional Chinese medicine on February 10 to participate in the treatment of patients infected by the novel coronavirus pneumonia (NCP) in the cabin hospital in Wuhan, Hubei province.

A cabin hospital is a mobile medical structure with multiple functions, such as emergency treatment, surgical treatment and clinical examination to treat patients infected with the virus.

Four doctors of them are from Jiangsu Provincial Hospital of TCM, including Shi Suofang, the head of an expert group on prevention and control of novel coronavirus pneumonia using TCM, established by the Jiangsu Health Commission. Three other doctors are Wang Xing and Chen Mingqi, both from the hospital’s ICU, and Gao Gejun, a radiology specialist.

Medics from Jiangsu Provincial Hospital of TCM

Since the opening of the fever clinic in the hospital on January 21, Shi has held constant consultations with other famous TCM doctors in the province and experts from the National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Under the guide of Professor Zhou Zhongying, Shi has worked out a plan for the prevention and treatment, which has already put into use in the clinical treatment. Previously, she has also helped treat a patient in Wuhan through the Internet.

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