Corridor-like disinfection equipment put into use in Huai’an


Three purpose-built disinfection equipment that looks like a hygiene corridor were put into use at the Second Hospital of Huai’an City and a residential community on February 9 and 10 amid the fight against the novel coronavirus outbreak.

Designers Huang Nanting and Yuan Shulin said their team spent five nights and days to create the equipment that allows comprehensive, cost-effective disinfection by simply walking through it.  Dr. Yuan is one of biologists Huai’an has specially invited to support local development. He recently learned that his friend Liu Zuohua helped make a similar equipment installed at the entrance of a community for 3,000 residents in Southwest China’s Chongqing municipality. So far, none of the residents in the community has been infected by the novel coronavirus.

Huang, president of Jiangsu Shenghe New Materials Technology, said companies face challenges to reduce the risk of infection in the workplace as they resume operations following the extended Spring Festival holiday.

Yuan and Huang then decided to spend money of their own to develop the project and help the fight against the outbreak. They have formed a R&D team and overcome other difficulties, preparing materials and parts enough to build over 100 sets of such equipment.

Yuan said test shows the sterilization system is more effective using less disinfectant and less labor force, with a daily cost of just tens of yuan.

“Many organizations have made inquiries and are willing to place orders. In the next step, we will focus on production and play our role in the epidemic prevention and control,” said Huang.