Yancheng sends 250 tons of agricultural products to epidemic-hit Huangshi


Yancheng City in Jiangsu Province, which has a population of 8.3 million, sent a convoy of 13 trucks carrying 250 tons of agricultural products and other essential supplies to Huangshi City in Hubei Province, hit hard by the novel coronavirus outbreak, on the morning of February 15.

The two cities have a close bond. Teyong Town in Yancheng is named after Hu Teyong, a native from Huangshi and also a revolutionary martyr who died in June 1948 during the civil war, aged 36.

Yancheng took just one hour to establish a medical team to support the fight against the epidemic in Huangshi after receiving the request. The team of 16 medics arrived in the city on February 16 and immediately started their work.