Huai’an-Kunshan industrial zone to host Nan Pao’s $50 million project

Through video conference, Huai’an and Kunshan have signed an agreement with Nan Pao, a leading chemical materials supplier from Taiwan, for the company’s carbon fiber project involving an investment of $50 million.

This is the first project that Huai’an has participated since nine supportive measures were rolled out to assist Taiwan enterprises in the city. It is also a major project since the launch of the Huai’an-Kunshan industrial zone for Taiwan enterprises. The zone is part of efforts to build a new cluster of Taiwan enterprises.

Nan Pao is a leading manufacturer of specialty adhesives, footwear adhesives, liquid and powder coating, hot-melt adhesives and construction materials. Based on advantages of resins technology, the company’s products have been used widely including 3C products (computing, communication and consumer) and auto parts. After signing the agreement, Nan Pao will open a factory at the industrial zone and tap deeper in the Chinese mainland market.