Taicang, Shanghai adopt Commuters Pass

Taicang, a county-level city under the administration of Suzhou, has signed agreements with several areas in Shanghai to facilitate commuters moving between those regions.

As Taicang borders Shanghai, people of these two regions often work in each other, but the novel coronavirus outbreak has affected such free movement.

To help companies resume work in an orderly way, Taicang signed an agreement with Jiading, a suburban district of Shanghai, on February 17, issuing Commuters Pass to those who live in one place but work in the other place. This certificate, recognized by both sides, is expected to improve movement of people and cars when passing the health check points set up to curb the spread of the epidemic.

Taicang has also reached similar traffic control agreements with Putuo District and Baoshan District, both in Shanghai. Meanwhile, a green channel is opened to help medical workers move more quickly across regions.