Yangzhou’s 10 chefs assist anti-epidemic battle in Wuhan


Ten chefs from Yangzhou City in Jiangsu Province have joined the battle against the novel coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan by cooking delicious food for the province’s medical workers.

Chen Hui, chief physician of endocrinology department at Northern Jiangsu People’s Hospital, is one member of the 7th medical team that Jiangsu has sent to assist Wuhan in fighting against the epidemic. He and over 160 medical professionals from Yangzhou are now responsible for running Wuhan First People’s Hospital. They are too busy to eat proper meals and sometime have to eat instant noodles.

Fortunately, since February 20, this team has enjoyed the better food service carefully prepared by the ten chefs from Yangzhou. The ten chefs, organized by Yangzijiang Group, prepare food four times a day to assist medical workers at all work shifts.

After finishing his job at 10:30 pm, Chen was still able to get some typical food such as Yangzhou-style steamed stuffed bun and sweet dumplings.

“We will make nutritious and healthy Huaiyang cuisine dishes for them and help them better fight against the epidemic,” said Zhang Pingzhong, head of the team and also deputy general manager of Xiyuan Hotel in Yangzhou.