Nanjing landlord waives three months’ rent for Afghanistan student

A Nanjing landlord has decided to waive the rent for an Afghanistan student of Southeast University for three months in horror of his support to the fight against the novel coronavirus outbreak.
Khalil Ahmad has gained wide attention recently after visiting three cities in Afghan to finally purchase 20,000 masks to Wuhan, the epicentre of the novel coronavirus outbreak, at his own expense.

On February 23, Ms Zhao, his landlord, said that she was really touched when seeing Khalil’s picture of donating masks in the news.   Zhao called Khalil a very good young man, who once taught English to her daughter in kindergarten.

Khalil was very patient and responsible as he always used WeChat to report the child’s performance in classroom and learning points at the end of each class, according to Zhao. So later Zhao rented out an apartment to Khalil during his study in Nanjing.

As a student, Khalil is not affluent and has been making money as an English tutor. By waiving the rent for three months, Zhao said that she hopes Khalil can feel “the warmness of Nanjing” and have a good start in the new semester after the end of the epidemic.

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