Huai’an offers chartered bus to group passengers and students

Huai’an has introduced chartered bus service to help companies resume work and students go back to school amid the progress in preventing and controlling the COVID-19 outbreak.

Passengers with the same places of departure and arrival, such as students on the way back to school, can apply for the one-stop transportation service, now available in all areas except Hubei Province, the epicenter of the outbreak.

Vehicles used for the service will be fully disinfected in line with requirements. Driver needs to meet temperature standards and wear a mask all through the journey. Buses from low-risk area need to have two rows of rear seats empty in case some passengers may need medical observation in the journey. Buses from moderate-risk area can only use half of the seat capacity.

Huai’an North Long-distance Bus Station and Huai’an General Long-distance Bus Station had resumed public transport service for 30 routes to other cities or counties by March 9.

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