Huai’an ensures considerate service in imported COVID-19 response

Huai’an City has formed three taskforces stationed in Kunshan, Beijing and Nanjing to help respond the potential imported COVID-19 case, which rises as a new risk after domestic progress.

The taskforce, composed of members from foreign affairs office, police, health authorities and interpreters, works on the front line of the border checkpoints in those cities. The responsibility is to properly receive and manage arriving foreign passengers from pandemic-hit countries and regions on the way to Huai’an, such as registering the health information, checking temperature and transporting them to designated places for centralized quarantine first.

All arriving passengers, regardless of their nationality, will be treated equally and receive a 14-day centralized quarantine. They need to take temperatures twice a day, in the morning and evening, wear a mask, wash hands frequently, and comply with other requirements introduced to minimize the risk of imported infection. The city also takes into consideration of the living habits and language differences of foreigners to offer better, considerate service.

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