Qinhuai Districts gets off to a good start in expanding 5G network

Qinhuai District and the Nanjing subsidiary of China Tower, China’s telecommunications tower infrastructure service provider, signed an agreement on April 7 to promote the 5G network across the whole district.

Jiangsu Province has fully resumed the construction of 5G base stations following the disruption caused by the COVID-19 outbreak. Qinhuai is the first in Jiangsu to enter an agreement with China Tower to speed up the process through measures, such as lifting restriction at construction site, cutting fees and reducing the service provider’s operation cost.

China Tower will increase investment and resources input to make the district the first in Jiangsu’s counties, county-level cities and districts to have full 5G network coverage. It will build 1,000 5G base stations, install indoor distribution system, and prepare for the large-scale application of 5G and industrial development.

The two sides will promote the development of smart charging stations and shared power exchange cabinet projects, meet the power supply needs for residents and couriers, and improve the smart governance services through joint efforts about smart light poles, video surveillance, and atmospheric and water monitoring.