Nanjing promotes culture relics protection


Master of intangible cultural heritage items and folklore artists demonstrated their craftmanship in Nanjing City on April 12 with the ancient Zhonghua (Chinese) Gate providing the backdrop and the charm of traditional culture attracting many visitors.

Tea etiquettes, paper-cutting, lantern making, guqin (Chinese zither) performances, and shadow play were staged at the south gate of Nanjing — the largest existing castle-style city gate in China. There was also a wonderful Hanfu (Han Chinese clothing) show by the members of the Jinling Chinese Costume Society.

The Zhonghua Gate scenic spot is recognized as one of China’s key cultural heritage protection units.

The Nanjing City Wall Protection Management Center organized the event to raise public awareness about cultural relics, as part of the Cultural Heritage Protection Month initiated in 2016. This month also marks the fifth anniversary of the promulgation and implementation of the Regulations on the Protection of Nanjing City Walls.

This year’s event promotes online and offline interactions, encourages field trips, and calls for participation in conservation of city walls.