Lou Qinjian urges more efforts for high-quality development

Lou Qinjian, secretary of the CPC Jiangsu Committee called for more efforts to pursue high-quality development in the province at a gathering on April 27 to honor role models for this initiative in last year.

On behalf of the committee and the provincial government, Lou expressed congratulations to those commended at the meeting and also said the province made great strides in adopting this development approach.

Lou said the year 2020 is the concluding year for building a moderately prosperous society in all respects and the 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-2020) as well as a key year to make new progress in developing the province to be “strong, rich, beautiful and civilized.”

Jiangsu cadres at all regions need to make unyielding efforts, stay focused on the goals, take resolute measures, strive to overcome difficulties, and try to become a trailblazer in the two-front battle – preventing and controlling the COVID-19 outbreak and also bolstering development at a high quality, said Lou.

He also said the province’s cadres should follow the work ethos of Comparing, Learning, Catching up and Surpassing, which means to remain determined in overcoming challenges and competitive in innovation, to keep learning skills and methods for high-quality development in a complex and changing situation, to take precise measures and move quickly to reach the level of pacesetters, and to pool resources to drive the economic growth and finally take the lead in terms of quality, efficiency and entrepreneurship.

Other leaders in the standing committee of the CPC Jiangsu Committee, the standing committee of Jiangsu People’s Congress, the CPPCC Jiangsu Committee, the provincial court and procuratorate and heads of governmental departments also attended the meeting, which also included participants from enterprises, universities and research institutes.