Photo exhibition reveals beauty of Nanjing’s City Wall


As part of the International Museum Day celebration, the award ceremony of Nanjing City Wall International Photography Contest was held at the Jiefang Gate of Nanjing’s City Wall on the morning of May 17.

The open-air event also showcased 110 single and group photos collected the contest.

Liu Miaoling, one of the winning photographers, said that photography is a universal language that can be understood beyond borders. “As a Nanjinger, a photographer, and a City Wall volunteer, I will always use the lens to tell Chinese stories, Nanjing stories and City Wall stories,” she said.

The winning works will be displayed on new media platforms such as WeChat, Weibo and websites. The exhibition will last for one month.

Nanjing served as the capital of many different dynasties during China’s history. The grand City Wall of Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) is an important historical heritage of the city.