Remote visit system goes online at Nanjing Drum Tower hospital

The department of gastroenterology at Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital in Jiangsu Province has opened the video conference service to allow ICU patients to better communicate with their family members.

The system, introduced to reduce hospital visits and prevent the risk of cross infection, is available to all ICU patients in Ward 13A.

Thanks to the application, a 74-year-old pancreatitis patient surnamed Zhou was able to see her family members via a video chat as soon as she was out of danger.

Wang Qian, head nurse of the department, said that the ICU patients previously had only one visiting hour every afternoon. The coronavirus outbreak has led to stricter visitor control and the cancelation of visiting in the department.

With the system, family members of a patient only need to input their name and mobile phone number for a quick appointment. The new service is especially welcomed by patients who don’t know how to use smartphones, critically ill patients too weak to talk in person, and family members who are unable to visit the hospital.

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