Jiangsu recommends best autumn, winter destinations


The Jiangsu Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs released 50 boutique travel routes on August 10, linking selected rural and leisure tourism sites considered best to visit in autumn and winter.

Recommendations include a three-day tour of the ginkgo forest in a Taixing village, a two-day stay near Dongtai’s coastal wetlands, and a two-day tour for family in Siji Ancient Town in Kunshan. These destinations feature unique history, distinctive cultural cham or spectacular natural landscape, an ideal choice to relax body and refuel mind.

An official of the department said the recommended routes will help guide travelling and promote the comprehensive recovery of rural leisure tourism and industrial transformation, affected by the pandemic.

At present, there are more than 10,000 agritourism sites in Jiangsu. The province has also given priority to develop 330 provincial-level village attractions and 300 provincial-level agricultural parks on various themes. Jiangsu ranks first in the country in terms of the number of national titles, such as the exemplary agritourism counties and beautiful villages for leisure tourism.