Jiangsu Productivity Promotion Center launches more IP services


Jiangsu Productivity Promotion Center rolled out 13 types of intellectual property (IP) rights service for industrial parks and enterprises on August 14.

The center aimed to explore the new mode of IP service in Jiangsu, improve the application of S&T outcomes, and give full play to the central role of IP in driving the technical innovation.

The service includes assistance with patent registration in key industries, consultation over an IP pioneering park, IP review for major economic activities, IP suggestion and customized patent database for enterprise. The center also offers risk analysis for go-to-market and export products, IP strategy planning, market monitor of rival products, compliance with IP regulations, and financing for patented technology.

The center plans to leverage the advantages of resources from government departments, universities, research institutes, and leading companies, and join hands with professional service providers to expand, improve all kinds of IP-related services.