Yangzhou University team makes digital replica of lost palace


A team at College of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Yangzhou University has made smooth progress in making digital replica of buildings in the original Jiangdu Palace during the reign of Emperor Yang of Sui Dynasty.

In 605, Emperor Yang ordered the start of building the massive palace in Jiangdu, today’s Yangzhou City. The team has completed digital replica of ten halls and a number of palace gates.

Lyu Xiaoming with the college said the cultural legacies of Sui and Tang dynasties are increasingly becoming part of Yangzhou’s unique identities especially since the discovery of Emperor Yang’s tomb in the city’s Xihu Town in 2013 and the successful listing of the Grand Canal as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

As there is very limited information about Jiangdu Palace itself, the team had to use historical records of palaces during that time as reference and also apply machine learning and professional software to improve the structural modeling. The team has also created the video and animation to best show the charm of the palace that existed over 1,400 years ago.