Immersive Yangzhou food-culture event held in Nanjing Museum


Nanjing Museum treated visitors with a unique show of Yangzhou pinghua (Yangzhou storytelling), a genre of vernacular performing arts, and cooking demonstration of famous Huaiyang Cuisine dishes.

Huaiyang Cuisine, originating from regions around Huaihe River and Yangtze River, mainly Huai’an and Yangzhou, is one of China’s four major cooking styles that enjoy a great reputation at home and abroad.

Master chefs showcased the cooking of snacks and dishes including Steamed Thousand-layer Cake, Wensi Tofu Soup, Yangzhou Meatballs in Brown Sauce and Yangzhou Fried Rice. Meanwhile, food critic Zhou Tong made comments on the site.


The cooking show was unique in the setting of traditional oral storytelling house. As iconic dishes were explained vividly by a storyteller and through introduction materials, chefs showed their skills along remarkable performances of Yangzhou pinghua, ballad singing, and Yangzhou opera to tell the cuisine’s legend.

In October 2019, Yangzhou joined the UNESCO Creative Cities Network as City of Gastronomy. The event’s incredible combination of Yangzhou food and culture in an immersive environment, including those recognized as an intangible cultural heritage, will certainly increase the city’s reputation.

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