2020 “Hi Jiangsu” media tour kicks off in Nanjing


Fourteen reporters working for 8 media organizations from 9 countries and regions kicked off the 2020 “Hi Jiangsu” media tour in Nanjing, Sep. 21.

With the tour, the reporters are going to visit Nanjing, Suzhou and Wuxi from September 21 to 25, and perceive the development of Jiangsu in areas of science and technology, social welfare and so on.

Themed at “Witness Prosperity on Hi Jiangsu Trip”, the reporters visited Huanglongxian Tea Culture Village and Niushoushan Cultural Tourism Zone in Jiangning District of Nanjing. They also visited the factory of Saic Maxus to have a deep look at the automobile production line.

Since 2018, Jiangsu has cooperated with China Daily, China’s national English language newspaper, to invite foreign mainstream media outlets to “Hi Jiangsu” tour to visit the province and cover different themes, such as people’s livelihood and science and technology innovation.