New transport hub in Baoying completes main construction

The transport hub centered on Baoying Station of the Lianyungang-Huai’an-Yangzhou-Zhenjiang High-speed Railway completed main construction on September 21, a milestone in Yangzhou’s comprehensive railway network.

Over a land area of 122,000 square meters, the transport hub has buildings both above-ground and underground with a floor area of 29,700 square meters, 7 municipal roads, 11 bridges and river diversion projects. All roads of the hub are now well connected and ready for opening.

In the past, people in Baoying had to rely on private cars or buses for long-distance travelling, or go to Yangzhou, Zhenjiang and other places to take trains, all quite long and expensive journeys. After Baoying Station is put into use, local residents can reach all destinations in the country by high-speed trains.

Baoying Station, the first station in central Jiangsu for the high-speed railway, will receive ten trains a day after opening by the end of November. In the countdown of high-speed train era, the county will also increasingly connect with the Yangtze River Delta region, a major economic hub in China.