Yangzhou celebrates Chinese Farmers’ Harvest Festival

Yangzhou City opened its Chinese Farmers’ Harvest Festival events at the Lotus Park in Sheyanghu Town, Baoying County on September 21.

In addition to the art and culture performances, the opening ceremony also featured an exhibition of tens of specialty products by 20 leading enterprises and 10 agricultural parks, such as “Lotus Root Stuffed with Glutinous Rice” and lotus root juice. The event also included a livestreaming of such quality products.

In the one-week celebration, Baoying will host various activities, such as catching the county’s signature hairy crabs, harvesting lotus roots, and a photography contest to share the joy of harvesting with more people.

In recent years, Baoying has increased efforts to change the development mode and adjust the industrial structure. The county has developed three major agro-industrial clusters in grain processing, aquatic vegetables, and livestock and aquatic products. It is home to several national leading companies and branded products, which play important roles in improving farmer’s income, increasing efficiency, and boosting rural revitalization.