Foreign reporters find secrets behind Taicang’s manufacturing power

More than ten overseas reporters in “Hi Jiangsu” trip, a media tour organized by the Information Office of Jiangsu People’s Government and China Daily, visited Taicang, a county-level city under the administration of Suzhou City, on September 22.

Reporters of the group were impressed by the booming development of Taicang, which ranked 7th on the list of China’s top 100 counties and county-level cities in 2019 and 2nd on the list of China’s top 100 sustainable counties and county-level cities in 2019.

They visited the German Centre Taicang, the 7th German Centre in the world and 3rd in China after Beijing and Shanghai. The center, established by the BayernLB with an investment of 80 million yuan, provides a wide range of services to German companies, such as market consultation, legal and financial affairs, secretarial and interpretation service.

When David Blair from the media delegation asked why a smaller city like Taicang was chosen, Matthias Müller, Managing Director of the German Centre Taicang, said the city is particularly attractive for German medium-sized companies for the geographical advantage and policy support. More than 330 German companies from different industries have settled in Taicang. Among other advantages, the city is also one of China’s top ten cities in manufacturing investment and one of the most valuable areas in the Yangtze River Delta.

The Sino-Germany Innovation Park in Taicang helped the visiting reporters better understand the extensive cooperation and exchange between two countries, such as in fields of manufacturing, S&T, education and culture. The park has become a new platform also for the province to engage with the European country at a higher level.

KERN-LIBERS Group, a medium-sized family company based in southwest Germany, opened its plant in Taicang 25 years ago. This year, ten more German companies will start their businesses in Taicang.

Brose ranks among the top 40 automobile suppliers worldwide and is the fourth-largest family-owned company in this industrial sector. Brose Taicang Automotive Systems started production in 2014. The Taicang company’s general manager Yu Haibin said Taicang is close to clients and Shanghai, where Brose China’s headquarters is located. Taicang is an ideal location for Brose also for Taicang Port, which ranks 10th in China and 30th in the world, according to Yu.

As for the impact of COVID-19, Yu said the company was hit hard from February to April as sales dropped sharply and employees couldn’t return on time due to lockdown. Amid Jiangsu’s steady progress in the pandemic response, the economy and society are getting back on track quickly, so the company’s sales have rebounded and exceeded the level in the same period last year.