Yonglian Village in Zhangjiagang hosts celebration of Farmers’ Harvest Festival

Yonglian Village in Zhangjiagang City hosted a grand celebration of the third Chinese Farmers’ Harvest Festival on September 22, the main event in Jiangsu to mark the festival.

An evening gala on September 21 highlighted the village’s tremendous changes and attracted thousands of spectators to the venue. In addition to the performance, the village will also organize 12 events including an exhibition and fair of intangible cultural heritage, a sports game, and a ceremony to kick off rice harvesting.

A fair at the village’s Jiangnan Agriculture and Civilization Park showcased nearly 1,000 types of specialty products that are also on sale during the festival.

Agricultural products go sales online during the harvest festival.

Li Yaping, mayor of Suzhou City, said Suzhou has long been known as a fertile “land of fish and rice” while Yonglian Village is a pioneer in rural reform and development in southern Jiangsu. Over five decades, the village has risen into a modern village with thriving industries and livable environment. Suzhou will use the event as an opportunity to fully promote rural revitalization and modernization.