India intend to China steel iron anti-dumping tax extend 5 year

《 Economic Times》 Monday invoke IndiaDGTR news say,DGTR already suggest India government will from China import some type steel iron product anti-dumping tax extend five year, purpose is protect India maker benefit。

India 2016 year 5 month begin to China imported some alloy steel or unalloy steel product levy anti-dumping tax, duration five year, effective issue to 2022 year 1 month 1。

“ if cancel tariff, have possible to India industry cause dumping and damage。”《 Economic Times》 invokeDGTR news say: “ we suggest continue to from China implement anti-dumping policy。”

IndiaDGTR according to IndiaISMT Ltd. andJindal Saw Ltd request launch research result pose the suggest, aim behalf justice trade, for India steel iron manufacturer create justice competition environment。