natural gas price crisis is all European matter

Germany stay Russia ambassador 10 month25 to reporter express, natural gas price crisis is Europe-wide facing matter。

ambassador point out,“ natural gas price crisis is Europe-wide facing matter, current in the process of effort solve。 price crisis not only affect Germany, whole Europe all face this matter, therefore in the process of comprehensive level solve。 according to we know, Russia federal president also announce will for solve natural gas price crisis do contribution。 all country all at common effort solve this matter。”

ambassador at refer“ Nord Stream 2” express, from technology angle the project already complete。

“ Nord Stream 2” present appear certification matter, this should according to law complete。 Russia federal president Putin 10 month21 express, if Germany complete“ Nord Stream 2” operator certification, much fast can extend about Europe natural gas provide。

Russia is EU natural gas main supplying country, while EU needed natural gas 90% all depend import。 EU territory natural gas price enormously rise, cause power price rise, give economy cause pressure, but EU committee point out Russia natural gas in the process of perform and EU purchaser signed long-term contract, price rise without and Russia provide direct contact at together。

Europe natural gas price recent enormously rise,8 month begin already achieve every thousand cubic 515 dollar, to 9 month end price increase achieve 1000 dollar; at achieve 1937 dollar history new high after begin subsided,10 month22 price decline to 1050 dollar。

“ Nord Stream 2” natural gas conduit from Russia coast pass through the Baltic arrive Germany, annually total conveying ability to 550 (100 million) cubic metre, at 9 month10 completion。