41% Russians think China auto can best seller global

RussiaRambler portal site and auto purchase on-line service platformSberAuto union ongoing poll result discover,41% Russians think, China auto much fast will best seller global。

Russia each land interviewee by ask auto industry 10 year after future etc. matter, receive result exceed expect。 data show,41% Russians think, China auto much fast will best seller global,23% interviewee believe, auto will to alternative fuel transition。

meanwhile, Russians current more like Japan manufacture auto(34%)、 Germany auto(28%) and South Korea auto(15%)。
2021 year former 9 months, total at Russia sell 25053 vehicle the brand crossover and off-road vehicle( increase 1.2 times)。 according to Russia Europe corporation association(AEB) data, Hover still is China auto maker at Russia sales leader。

according to Russia auto craft analysis organizationAutostat news, past 7 year, Russia market auto model widespread decline background, China brand auto at Russia sale model decline 3 section, decline to 40 section。