China and Russia agriculture products trade volume continue increase

according to Russia satellite communicate agencysputniknews report, China agriculture countryside department vice- minister recently express,2021 year, China and Russia overcome COVID-19 epidemic etc. affect, agriculture products trade continue increase。

according to China agriculture department official website news, China agriculture countryside department vice- minister and Russia agriculture department vice- minister 10 month 28 th common preside convene two countries regular meet committee agricultural cooperation Sub-Committee eight time conference( video)。 both sides to concerned issue sufficient exchange opinion, and to further deepen two countries agricultural cooperation reach consensus。

China express, at two countries leader people height importance and personally push, China and Russia agricultural cooperation relation close、 achievements fruitful, each area cooperate steadily develop。 China will continue strengthen two countries agriculture products trade、 agriculture investment、 animals and plants blight prevention and control and agriculture technology innovate etc. area cooperate, constantly deepen China and Russia relation。

Russia express, they much importance and China agricultural cooperation, hope and China common effort, strengthen existing cooperate base, proper solve cooperate concern, constantly promote two countries agricultural cooperation level。