JapanGDP rank global third

Japan GDP at 2020 year maintain global third, and 30 year former 1990 year compare, convert for dollar only increase 1.6 times。 and America( increase 3.5 times) and second位 China( increase 37.5 times) compare, Japan growth rate slow。

Japanese name GDP at become adopt actual count standard的 1994 year for 510 trillion yen, while 26 year after 2020 year increase to 538 trillion yen。

1990 era begin bubble economy collapse after, finance organization hold huge bad debt, appear to new grant loan attitude negative“ hoarding”。 much hard raise financial corporation to decline to equipment and technology active investment, Japan economy increase power weaken。

2012 year tookover second session Abe government pose“ Abenomics”, urge active use finance expenditure and central bank implement massive currency loose。 after, although have annual achieve actualGDP increase over 2%, but expense tax tax increase cause expense weak etc., increase without continue last。 at this during, Japan GDP global proportion from 2012 year 8.3% decline to 2019 year5.9%。

on the other hand, China add industry and high-tech product export, become“ world factory” after, domestic expense market also gradual extend。2010 year excess Japan, become global second big economy。 America as IT tycoon etc. lead economic development , maintain global first throne。

Mitsubishi UFJ survey Consulting Co., Ltd chairman researcher express:“ want add GDP, need push advantage craft develop, for example auto etc. manufacturing industry, and extend foreign visitor expense。”